Synergy Autism Center

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We target the CORE issues of autism by providing tools & techniques to parents, teachers, and professionals

The core issues:

  • Social Reciprocity (back and forth of conversation with and without words)
  • Restricted and/or repetitive behaviors, interests, or activities

Caregiver Support First

At Synergy, we target these core issues by ensuring a sound relationship based home with caregivers who understand the tools necessary for providing opportunities for practice within everyday activities of daily living. This often starts with two parents or caregivers ensuring the well-being of their own social reciprocity and friendship between one another before then moving into the fundamentals of how to target social engagement and expanding interests with the child (of any age) and siblings.

Behavior Tools

We guide you to know the why behind behaviors, as well as tools and techniques to support your child for life long social engagement and learning. You will learn why behaviors happen so that you can prevent them while knowing what to do when and if they occur, to de-escalate and re-regulate.

Autism Tools

We use both developmental and behavioral evidence based interventions to guide you in your interactions with your own child(ren). We help you understand autism and why things you do or say work (or don’t) for guiding your child with autism.

We believe it takes a village to understand autism

At Synergy Autism Center, we know there is no one answer for addressing the challenges associated with autism. While we are experts in autism and development, you are an expert in your own child and family. Through parent/guide trainings, parent-child interaction assessments, meetings, online video conferencing, video reviews and home visits, we put our knowledge together to ensure your child’s best future.

We also contract and collaborate with like-minded professionals in our community to provide the highest possible quality services to you and your family.

We do not have respite provider services, but we do provide trainings to them and to you, in how to ideally guide your respite providers.