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Interested in Employment?

Walkabout House is seeking resident managers! This is an amazing opportunity for an individual or couple interested in receiving unique training and experience while being well paid, provided with housing, and work with fabulous people who are neurodiverse.

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To ABA or not to ABA. That is the Question.

With ABA now being covered by health insurance in more and more areas, I am having more families come to me quite mystified by the intensity of service but without their involvement. Couples come to parenting with enthusiasm, joy, and with a drive to share life with a child. They dreamed of reading together at night […]

Positivity and Autism

If anyone has talked with me for more than a few minutes, they know that I can find the positive in ANYTHING. Some find it annoying, others seem to find it inspiring. I know both to be true. And I choose this state of positivity everyday. I see incredible power in positivity. Before you click off this page […]

11 New Year’s Resolution Suggestions for Families

As you think about creating new habits to improve your family life and enhance the social engagement at home with autism, I thought I would share a 10 New Year’s Resolutions with one bonus, so actually 11 resolutions. Commit to one or all of them. Or create your own. But remember to enjoy each other in 2017. […]

Shifting my lens for families and teams

Healthy Families. Collaborative Parents. Fulfilled Couples. Confident Guides. These are all essential ingredients for ensuring a supportive environment for anyone, including those on spectrum. My job of guiding parents and teams means that I must guide people to guide themselves. Easier said then done sometimes. People come with their own triggers, stressors, learning styles, and openness…. or not. […]

I wish more people were as honest as autistic people! by Barbara Avila

It is intriguing to know that lying is a more developed social skill than honesty. Or maybe we experience an arc in development. Stage 1: no lying; then stage 2: learning to lie; then stage 3: learning WHEN to lie and when not to lie. Hm… I will have do a bit of research on […]

Maybe we all need to target Curiosity to You (C2U®) by Barbara Avila

  In society at large, we are teetering dangerously in the realm of scattered attention for relating to one another, thinking deeply on any subject, and being in touch with our precious natural world around us. It sickens me that I, too, am caught in this same craze of checking emails, social media, and feel […]